Candle Jars and its impact on our environment.

Candle Jars and its impact on our environment.

Candle Jars and its impact on our environment.

Did you know it can take a glass jar one million years to decompose?
Yet, more than 28 billion glass jars end up in our landfills every year. #noncompostable

Thus, we encourage repurposing or taking advantage of our Candle Refill Program after you’ve enjoyed your candle!

Starwick’s Candle Refill Program is an initiative to provide more joy and less waste by closing the gap between glass waste and its effects on the environment.

To become an eligible participant , you simply need to have purchased a ceramic candle jar from us or one of our wholesale distributors. In short, you will be trading in your vessel, cleaned and ready to be filled for another customer and you will receive a brand new candle at a discounted price. Yes, you may choose any scent to your liking or stick to the previously ordered scent.

Shipping your Vessel

Step 1 - Check: Ensure no cracks or chips in vessel.

Step 2 - Pack: Reuse all shipping supplies (initially used from 1st purchase) and pack your clean candle jar safe, and securely. We suggest reusing shipping box, candlebox, packing peanuts and/or cushion to prevent damage.

Step 3 - Purchase: Purchase Refill from the refill listing and Print Return label (emailed to you within 24 hours). Depending on your selected shipping company (USPS or UPS), you may schedule a pickup from work, home or office.

Step 4 - Await your newly scented candle.

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