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Guide questions :

1. Who's the founder? Latisha Otto
2. When was the business established? Established February 19 2021 and officially started selling September 2021
3. What are your goals for building your business? My goals are to build an affordable luxury brand that is health conscious and environment friendly.
4. For whom are your products? Starwick was created for working professionals who seek self care as a priority and enjoy sophisticated fragrances that help to relax and unwind after a long day. 

Starwick was established February 19th 2021 by LaTisha Otto mother and Registered Nurse. Founded in Miami, Florida during one of the greatest pandemics in the world, Starwick Candle Company was born. 

As one can imagine, COVID-19 in the hospital/clinic setting became unimaginable. With great concern for her 3-year-old son (at the time), a husband who suffers anxiety with panic attacks and a grave surge in the deaths of family and friends, LaTisha found herself battling depression. Turning to her most trusted stress relief by creating a relaxing atmosphere, handcrafting soy candles became her medicine.