The warm glow of Starwick Candle Co.

The warm glow of Starwick Candle Co.

Energy booster!

A Candle is many things- olfactory object of expression, a time- machine, home accessory, a therapeutic tool and so m

Candles are often linked to relaxation. However, did you know certain scents are known to boost your energy? Ideal for burning while working from home or completing household chores.

Great energy boosters include zesty, citrusy scents. Citrus notes tend to increase oxygen flow to the brain, enhancing energy levels. Let's not forget their refreshing properties. Often reminding us of our younger days.

Need a boost? Try Starwicks Lemon Lavender and White Tea and Fig Candle

The warm glow of Starwick Candle Co.

Did you know Starwick candles has numerous benefits for someone working to improve their sleep regimen?

In the US, sleep deprivation is at an all time high. Often related to stress, increased stimulation, excessive television, caffeine, loud disruptions and aging.

Sleep hygiene is vital for anti-aging and promotes a healthier lifestyle. The dim flame of our candle is a terrific promoter of good sleep, when lit hours before bedtime. Its aid in mental relaxation, by use of essential oils ( like lavender and eucalyptus) can also improve sleep patterns.

Enjoy a cup of chamomile tea near our Cuffing Season candle and sleep like a baby.

The Healthiest Candle Wax

Is it Soy? Is it Paraffin?

American chemist developed a new and improved way to enjoy the scent of candles without the risk of cancer. Soybean wax, which burns slower and cleaner, replaced the popular but not so healthy, paraffin wax- derived from crude oil.
Today one of the healthiest candles is made up of Soy wax..

And Starwick Candle Co. is Happy to be apart of #teamsoy #safer #cleaner #nontoxic
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