About Us

Starwick was established February 19th 2021 by LaTisha Otto, a wife, mother and Registered Nurse. Founded in Miami, Florida during one of the greatest pandemics in the world, Starwick Candle Company was born.  

 As one can imagine, COVID-19 in the hospital/clinic setting became unimaginable. With great concern for her 3-year-old son (at the time), a husband who suffers anxiety with panic attacks and a grave surge in the deaths of family and friends, LaTisha found herself battling depression. Turning to her most trusted stress relief by creating a relaxing atmosphere, handcrafting soy candles became her medicine.

Starwick Candle Co. scented candles are hand-poured in small batches to ensure the upmost quality and performance. Starwicks exceptional scents are created using the finest fragrances and premium soy wax, releasing a clean, non-toxic burn. The wax is then finished with a dazzling shimmer and an all-natural wood wick, creating the most beautiful ambiance.